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Hey guys and gals, I'm the new moderator for this forum, just thought I'd like to say hi. Where I'm from (originally SD) our seasons are about done unless you're on the game ranches, but we'd love to hear experiences from all over the country if not the world. I'll give all the advice I'm fit to offer, I have extensive experience with wily SD wild pheasants, grouse, prairie chickens, huns, and ducks and geese (plus a bunch of other stuff that doesn't fit this forum's description, i.e. what notes are used in the Bb mi7b5 chord, aka, the Bb half-diminished chord. I'm a band director and jazz musician for my real job). I'll answer any question I can and research the ones I can't. It'll be good hearing from all of you, ask away and give us hunting reports.
PS don't ask for SD fishing reports from me. This knowledge is quasi-sacred and will only be given to close family friends and relatives that I like. I will give out ice-fishing tips, this is what I will spend my Christmas break doing, I'll give myself a day to thaw out before heading back to school.
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