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Hi eevryone..

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I'm new to the board and fairly new to Montana.....we moved here in '99 after i retired from Cummins Engine Co in Columbus,In.
My wife,Mary, and i are long time Hunter Safety Instructors and NRA certified Personal Protection and Basic Pistol Instructors.We've been hunting/shooting together for a LONG time!!
I have a LOT to learn about calling coyotes though!
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sorry....i AM the hired hand!!

I'm retired but work some 'odd' jobs now and then....(is taking care of a herd of goats odd??? was for me!!)
I'm trying to learn somehting about coyotes but just can't get all my sh*t together...and the weather is even LESS predictable than Indiana's...
forecast for today is 55 F with clear skys....reckon i'll hang that gate today.
anyway,thanks for the comeback
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