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High Quality Field Decapper

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I always believe in spreading the word when I find a reasonably priced quality item.

For those of you looking for a really nice field decapper check out the link below for a photo of the unit that Jim Kluskens makes. I believe it is significantly higher quality than any of the plier-type units I’ve seen and certainly much cheaper than the Pope-type. One of the advantages of Jim’s decapper is the plunger is easily replaced to handle more than one caliber. In other words if you decap both .40 & .45 caliber as I do a separate decapper for each caliber is not required, just change out the plunger. Jim gets $35 for the main unit with a plunger for one caliber. Shipping is $5. Additional plungers are $15. If you decide you cannot live without one of Jim’s decappers you can contact Jim via email at [email protected]

Photo of decapper:

And don't forget to tell him that TexasMac sent you. Maybe he’ll give me a discount on my next order. :mrgreen:
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For about the same money I have a Lee universal Decapper die and a handpress don't have to change anything works everytime and if I want to carry the dies I can reload with the same press. And for the really tough stuff I have a punch and cup thingy that I don't even recall who made the durned thing and it has yet to fail (the hammer always prevails)

I just realized after looking at the photo that I've been using one of his decappers for about two years. It is an awesome little tool. It’s very well made, simple, and easy to use.

I think it's best feature is its size. It doesn't take up much space at all in a range box, and you can carry it to the line in your pocket. And fitting in the palm of your hand, it can fill a niche as a defensive weapon in a pinch.

I’m going to order a new one with the .40-45 plungers.


BTW, I’ve got an original "O'Hare Tool, Inc." decapper which is fast approaching antique status. I’ve done some very unofficial research which leads me to believe that there were only about 300 of these “Original O’Hare Tool, Inc” decappers made. If anybody is a BPCR Decapper collector, I’m taking offers.

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