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HIP BOOTS for the dry lander

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While I was adding another picture this morning to contest page, I was looking at all the pictures and one thing that really caught my eye was Tim B with the coyote double and him in hip boots. Now I know that Tim also water traps, but as a dry land trapper, I always liked wearing hip boots.

To me, they are money well spent. First of all a quality pair will keep the thorns etc. from poking through your jeans :) and brush bucking is easier. But to me the most important thing about them is that if I am on my knees making a set, I don't have to worry quite as much about my scent being left where my knees touch the ground. To me that is very important. My scent left so close to the trap would surely worry a coyote until the scent was dissipated. My hip boots went into the back of the truck and not touching anything so they stayed clean.

Less mistakes, less scent, more coyotes!
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Your observant Joe!!
Actually I wear waders when I water trap cause I tend to kneel a lot making water sets....and that gets ya pretty wet wearin hip boots.
But The hip boots ya see are actuallw old waders that I wore out. They have several holes so I made hip boots out of them and use them so I didnt have to mess with a kneeling pad. I only wear them in the where else.
I love'em...also keeps ya dry in the mud
Tim B
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