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Hodgdons new Annual Manual etc...

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Guys, I just uploaded the new advertisements for Hodgdon's new Annual Manual to my magazine at:, and also the newly announced Triple Seven Pellets... I have a pre-announcement sample of pellets in hand, and will be doing a product review article on them shortly... Be sure to check out the new Annual Manual... it will be available on newsstands, and is PACKED with loading data, articles and products etc... Very well done... Dave
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It's available now. I got mine at WallyWorld yesterday. It's definitely not for the new reloader, but is loaded with good recipes. Bismuth loads for shotguns and a short instructional on making 2" and 2 1/2" 12 gauge shells. Some oddball cartridges that only a few (like me) load for that is much appreciated information. Very disappointed in the paper quality - mine already looks old and I've only had it about 24 hours. 3 good stories by Skeeter Skelton. Worth the price.
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