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Hogue stock for 10/22 Heavy Barrell

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I bought the Hogue stock for my 10/22 HB and it shot all over the place. I emailed Hogue and they said it needed to either be shimmed or filed to add or reduce pressure as needed. Has anyone had this problem.
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Did they specify WHERE you are supposed to shim or file, or suggest how to determine that?

I have the Hogue stock, also...

Shimmed the "Action Take Down" screw area with a small washer. Super-glued or JB weld, I don't remember.
Right on the bottom of the action, over the screw hole. Fixes slop in the mount that may be there, gives the composite rubber something to settle into for a stiffer fit.

Also had too much pressure on the barrel at the pressure point on the fore end of the stock. Used the business card float check trick...(actually, I used a 3x5 inch index card) and made sure barrel was not touched except for the pressure point, and then filed that thing down till it just applied pressure to the barrel, without stressing it.

My groups then tightened up from 1" at 25 yards to hole on top of hole.
Different ammo decides how ragged the edge is.

Its a good, light, cheap and rugged stock. You just gotta give it some lov, thats all!

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That is great stuporman maybe you could post some pics if you get a chance as some who have never done any stock work or adjusting might have no clue as how to go about it. (inside of your stock where you made the changes) I knew what you were talking about as I have made several scout rifles out of military surpus guns and hav done some stock work to several guns including sporterising a 1917 Enfield with a custom order stock for it. For the Ruger 10/22 fans a few pics would be worth a thousand words for sure. If you do not have a digital camera or do not feel like it do not bother I just figure since you are posting pictures you do and if it would not be a bother great, but if you cannot I understand. Thanks for the info for them on how you did your stock. Jim
Aint no big thang....

I can take some pics, but I do not have the before shots.

I like the Enfields, by the way. Such a big dang gun though.

JH45, was it you who had the Volq muzzle brake and did not want it?

I have a really hot load I shoot now, and could use it.

Will get those pics in and make a new post sometime soon.

Maybe I can take some of the action work I have done, too. Never tried to take close-ups before with my e-camera.

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Stuporman, Thanks for the pics I think that will be informative for others you are a great member here doing this type of extra stuff for the forum. Thanks. I do not have any muzzle brakes it must have been some one else. I do not have the Enfield 17 anymore I traded it off and now I have a Indian Enfield in 308 I like that one better. Jim
Cant get my cheap camera to take a close-up...

I am gonna borrow my buddies nice digicam to take some close ups of my rig.

Will do it this weekend and then post.

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