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Hole set distance?

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went out this morning and checked one of the coils I had put out and it seems a bobcat got over the coil into the hole and got my sardine bait. Coil was set 4" from the hole and I used sticks as guides to get it in there. The coil was bedded in a small depression where the cat would step down into it and seemed like was a good set.Everything was covered, both sides and back with a rock in back the guides on the side and he still got my

Anything I need to do different besides rebait?

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Well most books would tell you that 4 inches is too close. Four inches does seem a bit close to me, even for cats. Your post did not indicate if the cat stepped over the trap OR stood behind it and got the bait.

I really think you would be well advised to back the trap off so the pan was more like 8 inches from the lure / bait, put side guides and have a stick just outside of the rear jaw (between the trap and the lure). This pattern gives the cat a clear path to the pan, will force it to step in the clear spot just before the rear guide and the distance will cause it to take the extra step to investigate the bait.
I use a lot of the step-down sets you described on canines and bobcats. I keep the trap pan back about 10" which works out perfect 95% of the time on coyote and cats. Fox many times miss the pan on their way in so catch many of them by the rear foot. The distance of the pan from the hole also depends on tjhe angle of the hole. I am baseing my distance on a 45 degree angle hole generally dug into a backing such as a small hump. Ace
Thanks for the info.....I'll give it another try tomorrow if the snow's not too deep :D
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