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Holster Options: Milt Sparks IWB / Kramer MSP Paddle

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Anyone out there own either a Milt Sparks Versa Max 2? How does it work for you?

Also anyone own a Kramer MSP Paddle holster? Opinions?

I met a guy at the range that wants to trade both his brand spaking new Milt Sparks Versa Max 2 AND Kramer MSP Paddle holster for a G23 for ammo, and holsters that I have. He recently bought a G23 only to trade it back for an HK P7 M8. So hence no need for the two holsters.

I know they are pretty darn expensive holsters but want some opinions before I let go of a crate of 9mm ammo and a Del Fatti HK P7 holster...

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Holster Options: Milt Sparks IWB / Kramer

My department at one time issue the MSP paddle, it is a great holster and rides well,as long as you have the proper covering garment it works fine
Holster Options: Milt Sparks IWB / Kramer

I knew a det. that used the Kramer MSP paddle holster. I was kind of surprised that he was allowed to use it seeing it had no thumb break. He said it was always concealed and the holster was so tight it wouldn't even need a TB. I think the Michigan State Police detectives use the same holster but I *think* they have thumb breaks on theirs.

-leadbutt did the ones they issued at your dept. have thumb breaks?
Holster Options: Milt Sparks IWB / Kramer

No ours didn't have them, But I understand that Kramer will built it that way if asked.
Holster Options: Milt Sparks IWB / Kramer

I'd go for it. The Kramer MSP is an awesome holster. I've used one, and with any luck at all will own one at some point.
Holster Options: Milt Sparks IWB / Kramer

I did it. The MSP is very nice. The actual holster its self is like "kydex"! But its horsehide but tough as nails! The paddle design is very unique. It really feels good when putting this paddle on. You HAVE to use a belt. I know some people said the MSP can be used w/o one but when I tried it, the holster came out. But with the belt and the security strap - it stays put really tight and close to the body. Very good.

The versa max 2 is also incredible! IWB and it conceals like nothing I've owned before. Its comfortble to wear and again, its horsehide and tough as nails. I'm glad I did it. Two great holsters.

Thanks for the input guys.
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