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Hunting Holsters

Guest: I believe Uncle Mike's of Oregon makes a ballistic nylon holster that will hold that beast but I think it is an over the shoulder cross draw sort of setup.

But hay Man, if you order a holster from someone and you don't like it when you take it out of the package, just return it and get your money back. I have heard that concern from a lot of folks, that they would be stuck with a shooting accessory or something else they didn't like. Buncha hooey - send it back and put that money toward something you like better or can use better.

I once bought a set of custom grips for one of my 357s and as soon as I opended the package I knew they wouldn't work. They were the right grips for the revolver but looked much different in my hand than in the catalog. I called the manufacturer and just shipped them back. They credited my credit card and I got the grips I wanted from company.

Hope this helps. Mikey. :-D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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