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Hot 22 LR loads...

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Got some "Aguila Super Max HP" from

1750 frikin fps with a 30 gr hp.
(Its also offered in solid)

I am almost afraid to try it in my baby without a stiffer spring.

Anybody here had experience with hot loads in a 22 lr?

What are the advantages/drawbacks?

Besides the 205 foot pound energy at muzzle!

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The big question is how does it shoot in your gun for accuracy? Let us know after you shoot it for accuracy. I have refrained from getting any because most hyper 22 lr do not shoot as good as the standard and target grades I feel If I want more speed I can go to my 22 mag. Keep us posted after you shoot some. Let us know how accurate they are? Jim
A friend gave me a box of the really hot 30 gr Aguilas and wanted me to test them in my Marlin 39a and Contender 22 match barrel. Group size was about 4 inches at 50' on an indoor range. That was in both guns. At the same time I tried some of the CCI Voliciters. They did a 1/4 inch hole for 5 rounds out of the contender and just a little bigger with the 39a.

That is what I was afraid of but then who knows some guns may shoot them ok. My Romanain 22 shoots the 60 grain stuff great, others cannot hit a bushel basket with the stuff so it will be interesting to see if others have had simular expiriences as you have. Thanks for the report. Jim
I use both of those guns for shooting silhouette on a NRA 100 meter range. Since you mentioned the Aguila 60 gr rounds I thought that I would add that I have used them also.

I have used both to knock down the heavy Hunter Bore NRA silhouettes. I get better volicity from the 10" Contender Match Barrel but the accuracy for both out to 100 meters is about 3". They both knock down most of the Rams hit but will sometimes leave one even after a good hit.

hot 22

I have used them for about a year. In my ruger 10/22-22 , marlin auto 22, win bolt 22, and a old single shot anschutz 22 they shoot great and have great killing power . shoot in 10 ring at 25 yrds BUT when I put them in my ruger mark 1,ruger mark 2, or a little off brand 6 shooter I am lucky if I can hit the paper at 10 ft. they are all over the place. I never saw such bad pistol ammo in my life.
well thats my 35 cnts. worth.
Hmmmmmm...Great feedback...will try em and report back!

Thanks! :shock:
CCI Velociters

I've shot the velociters out of both of my CZ'S and my Kimbers. I was impressed as far as the groups went, Shot a few squirrels in the head with them and they were all alive when I went to pick them up. Some were even trying to crawl away. The bullets just seemed to zip thru to fast with out doing a lot of damage. I have had better killing luck with the sub sonic rounds like the Wolf M/E for shots up to 65 yards or so, seems the slower bullet does more damage as it goes thru.
I've not shot that particular Aguila ammo but none of it I have shot has impressed me. I don't even bother with the brand anymore. Doubt I'd shoot it if free.

When I want a hyper velocity .22LR I stick to the ORIGINAL the CCI Stinger. It is usually quite accurate in most every gun I've shot it in and very accurate in some. I've tried a few other pretenders but have given up on them. I don't really use a lot of the hyper velocity rounds but when I do the Stinger is the one I use and recommend.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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