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How early do you scout for bear?

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I was wondering when do you people begin to scout for fall bear hunting?
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i have been for the last five

seriously though....if you're not already scouting for this my book you are late unless you have a guide thats doin it for you. but you could still start right away. baitin in two areas lightly....and have my sightsset on a third and fourth.

the first two are places ive just been itching to hunt, so i baited real early. one of those pulling the bait if i dont get more activity.

but if you aren't photographing or laying out sand for tracks could miss out on a good boar or two...cuz they can move out this time of year real easy if you dont get em on bait. heck they still could leave.
Should have been out scouting two - three months ago at the very least. Quit waiting and get out there now, it’s never too late. Lawdog
Went glassing Saturday for next May... LOl, seriously I'm always looking for a potential hunting area. If I'm driving down the highway and see a bear cross the road at 3:30, I go back and wait to see if he'll cross again for a couple of days... I have about 200 points popped on my GPS where I've seen sign and I have a diary with GPS coordinates and an explaination... Just my $.02....

- Clint
I don't think you can ever start scouting too early for bear. One important thing to remember though is that after breeding has ended in June, a bear's activity will be centered around food until he dens up for the winter. This means that the areas holding concentrations of bear in the mid to late summer (when the bears are feeding on soft mast crops such as wild blueberries, blackberries, elderberry & pokeberries) are not the same areas that will produce consistent bear sightings when they switch their diet to hard mast crops (acorns, hickory & beechnuts) in the fall.

Regardless of whether you're looking for a suitable location to establish a baitsite, or an area to stillhunt or spot & stalk bears, you have to key in on where the current food sources are. Hunting a berry patch in the late fall after the berries are long gone is a waste of time, as is trying to draw bears a considerable distance away from a natural food source to visit a baitsite. The key to consistently seeing bears is to be where they're feeding, and to do that you have to continually scout to know when the bears are transitioning from one food source to another.
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