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I recently began thinking about getting a Freedom Arms. As luck would have it, I stumbled into a situation where a guy I know may be selling one with two barrels, and I'm interested in finding out how easy it would be to sell the extra one, and what I might get for it.

The gun is question is a model 83 in .454 with a 7.5" ported octagon barrel installed, and a 7.5" round profile non-ported second barrel. I noted that the octagonal barrel is something like $750(!) as an aftermarket item from FA; If I were to have FA do the barrel swap, would there be much interest for an octagonal barrel as a take-off?

I still haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do, whether I'm going to do it at all, etc. Just trying to get an idea of the overall ballpark "price" of the transaction.

Thanks in advance,

-- Sam
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