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How many of you do this??

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How many of you do this??

Impulse buying! Never! :D
Now if we didn't do that, how long do you suppose the guys 'n gals would have booths there?
When I go, I put a limit on my spending. Never works, but I try.
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Impulse buying..Naaaaaaaa

:lol: Weellll it was hardly impulse buying. My friend and I looked at the little beauty when we first walled in the show. He tried to traded a Burris scope and some cash and the dealer said no deal. He and I walked through the show and were on the way to the door when I though I would go back and take a look at the rifle again. $300.00 did not seem like a lot of money since I was going to buy as Zeiss Conquest for my Christmas present any way. I will get the scope for my birthday in March. Ya see, it was more rationalzation than impulse buying.
Impulse Buying???

No No Double O, never buy on impulse. I usually let my heartbeat slow down to a normal enough rate to be able to talk to whoever the dealer is without giving myself away first. Then I buy it.

I never buy on impulse. I may drool on the stock, wipe some sweat on the action, or pick my nose and pretend to leave it on the trigger just so nobody else will handle the gun before I buy it but I never buy on impulse.

I may dig for small change, empty my pockets and propose to the dealer's wife, but I never buy on impulse. No.

I have not been known to walk into a gun show and walk out 5 minutes later with what I thought was the purchase of a lifetime - not me.

And I have never been known to walk into a gun show, head right for the one table in the place that I know will be selling what I'm looking for, make the purchase I want and then carry it around for the rest of the show. Nope, not me.

Welcome to the crowd. This is Mikey. :-D
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How many of you do this??

I am a sucker for a good piece of wood, on a rifle, even moreso on a birdgun. I'd a bought that critter too, in a New York minute :wink:

Winchester, prior to USRA was one of my clients. The Engineer I worked with in CT was also a lover of fine rifles and wood. When he found out I was obsessed with good wood he gave me a big blank of circassian walnut that would make a sinner frying in **** beg for more fire!

I never did use the blank for a stock, ended up giving it to another client that came out of Griffin & Howe in NY and was at the time up in a shop in VT. He did in fact make a stock and forearm for a 375 H&H double rifle he was working on. I wanted that rifle in a bad way, but at the time the $12,000 asking price was just a few cents more than I had on me :D

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