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How to load black powder????

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Are there any special considerations for using black powder in smokeless powder cartridges? How does the charge compare with, lets say, Red Dot?
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Walt, there is one very important consideration when loading black powder cartridge, there must be NO airspace between powder and bullet!!

This is also important consideration numbers 2 and 3!!!!!!

Beyond that, I offer this website for your perusal:

It will answer most of your questions, if you have more, I'd be tickled ta death to help!

I LOVE converting cowboy shooters to black powder!!!

Butler Ford
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I don't have a chrony, and I can't remember where I found it, but the first martial 45 colt was 40gr bp under a 250/255gr bullet. MV from a 7 1/2" barrel was about 940. I've loaded many this way. Even modern magnum shooters will raise an eyebrow when they shoot'em the first time. It is a hoss of a load, 'specially when fired with one in each hand.

Factor, the voodoo can be a lot of fun!! :-D

Butler Ford
Cut's, I think I gotta disagree with ya on this one. Seems that nearly everyone I've run across that shoot black in their pistolas do either one of two things, 1 Quit using black as being too much trouble and mess, or 2 They start trying to put Black in everything. I believe them that hafta pack salt in their bullets to keep the meat from spoiling before they can get to it can learn from and offer ideas to them that try and shoot Black in a 32 H&R.

My 2 pennies

Butler Ford
Cut's I think I see where we're talking apples and oranges. Just so we are playing on the same sheet of music:

"There is now a Poll on the Request for New Forums Forum regarding adding a new forum just to discuss the subject of reloading black powder cartridges. If any of you have an interest in establishing such a forum you should vote for it. If I see enough interest I'll set it up."

I believe that this is to be another forum to stand on it's own, not a subforum of the Cowboy Action Forum. There are several of us here that believe if a projectile comes out'a the end, it must'a been sent by a dose of Black Powder, and this was just a "Heads Up" to everyone intrested.

2 more cents

Butler Ford
Cut's I read yer post, yep I agree with ya, but ya know if we stop by there on a regular basis an ask if ff is too coarse for a 32 mag, or is there an advantage to adding sperm oil over olive oil to your lube, they might eventually hafta loosen up a bit and share some of their knowledge. I figure black powder silhouette shooting with a '66 or '73 is just about as challanging and just one more way to burn some more charcoal and ain't that what it is really about?

Ya know, I really think we're in agreement on this, we're just.....what was it my old drill sargent said? Oh! We're not out of step. we're outta phase!!

Butler Ford
:D The answer to that question lies here:

Looking forward to learning more from all you old hands.
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