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Just found this place from a link on the SASS Wire. I hope it does well. There have been a couple of others that have turned into ghost towns. :cry: I like what I see and plan to make it one of my regular stops. Let's make this place cowboys and girls want to come to. :grin:
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Howdy Jax I am new here also.
I'm new too. Also hope the site stays alive.

That's our hope, too. So keep those posts, either comments or questions, coming and someone should know the answers (use isn't me--but I'm learning)
Hey Walt, you ought to change your display name to your alias now that you are official. But only if you want to.
Good idea--it be done.
I'm new here too. Looks like I'll be making it a regular stop.

Hey Jax Orebetter, when you coming up to shoot with Powder Creek Cowboys?
Well guys the site is big and stable. We've been around since about '97 I think. Just keep getting bigger and bigger. We're currently #6 in the Hunting Top 100 Sites.

These CAS Forums will be around as long as you want to use them.

Would be good now with so many of you folks here if I could pick up a Forum Sponsor for the CAS Forum. Anyone got any idea who might have an interest in Sponsoring your CAS Forum?

:D GB, since I know nothing form nothing about sponsorships, if'n I'z ta run across sumbody thet mite be inerstead, whatcha want I should tell'em? I kno's they's gonna wanna kno what they's guina git'n how much??
Butler, best to just have them contact me or let me contact them so we can discuss the various advertising options. Specifically what I think would most benefit a company that sells CAS equipment and supplies would be to have their banner on this page or one of the other CAS Forums we seem headed for. We already have the one on loading for BP and from the looks of the poll will likely have a Classifieds for CAS soon and perhaps even a Saloon. If all of that happens I'll likely devote a section just to CAS like I now have for Handguns, Rifles, Hunting and other such.

I quote prices on those based on activity on a forum. I have rotating banners and many other advertising options to offer a retailer..

Thank's for the information
Howdy Biggun,

With any luck I will make it up there once the weather warms up a little. When is your annual? Maybe I can make plans to come up for that.
Jax Orebetter

Working on getting our range built. In the meantime we're having monthly shoots at an indoor range! Third Saturday of the month, 10am-2pm. Our first one was last month and it was a hoot. My first shoot and my face still hurts from all the grinning I did.

No firm date for the annual as yet, however, my guess would be sometime in Sept or Oct.

If you'd like to come up in the meantime shoot me an email, we've got a spare bedroom to hang yer hat in and the coffee is always on!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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