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I have started following this bill. It is supposed to go to the Senate for a vote. There seems to be two distinct schools of thought. The NRA school and the GOA school.

I read the October 22, 2007 GOA newsletter, and am wondering ift gunowners are being sold a bill of goods. It seems one can be added to NICS for PTSD ffrom one's service records or even run afoul of the law by being diagnoised with ADHD. Anyway, I take it to mean one would be denied a gun purcahse or even looseone's guns because of a "mental disorder".

I believe there is a provision in the bill for one to challenge such finding(costly and time consumming). Under Volker there is such a provision; however, funding for the Volker provision is controlled by congress( to be read Schumer).

Is the NRA being to polite by signing on to a bill which is supported by rabid antigun legislators? The bill is supposed to be on GOA website. I have not read it for myself.
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