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Here is the details of Walt's hunt at Fish River Lodge as posted by him on the old forums on: Sun, Sept 29, 2002 : 23:23[/color]

Well,here's the story.We spent the 1st day dying in the heat it was about 85 and Jim took us out at about 2:00 pm and I could not belive that it could be that hot in Northern Maine in Sept. Any way I sat until dark about 7:30 (was my butt sore) Did not see anything at all.

The next day Tue.9/10/02 I asked Jim to take me out later than the day before. I got to the stand about 3:30pm. I just got comfortable and was ready for another look sit. When I heard a noise off to my right and the next thing I knew there he was 35 yards in front of me. Being it was my 1st bear hunt I stopped and waited (as I was told by Jim).

The bear turned and looked right at me and then went to the bait. I could not believe that the bear could not hear my heart pounding out of my chest. I than waited until he stuck his head in the bait bucket. I raised my rifle(Sako 300 win mag)took careful aim and slowly squezzed the trigger. The bear droped right there at the bucket.

Now its 3:40 pm. The second day and my hunt's over in ten mins. OUT STANDING....

In a follow up message more details were given.[/color]

About the bear. The boar was about 150lbs but it was my 1st and now I have a trophy to work from. I am going to have a rug made out of it and hang it on the wall, and every time I look at it I will remember the awsome time I had at Fish River Lodge. THANKS.

Kathy and Jim are top notch people as well as great outfitters. I have gone on hunts in other parts of the country and Canada and this is the best one I have ever been on. They know what they are doing.
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