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I'm in the process of closing out all of the old forums but I wanted to bring over a few of the old posts about our Forum Sponsor Fish River Lodged. This one was posted by Walter Zalenski Sun, Sept 29, 2002 : 20:00 about his bear hunt with Jim and Kathy at Fish River Lodge. Below is the full text of his post.[/color]

Bagged my 1st black bear at Fish River Lodge.You won't find a better outfitter in Maine, than the Lynch's Jim and Kathy are the best. The meals were fantastic and the hunting outstanding.You can look all you want but you won't find anyone who will work harder to get "that shot" you want.Just an all around great time.

I then posted this message as a follow up to Walt's.

Ya we know Jim and Kathy are the best. Heck Kathy shows us that all the time with all her helpful posts. Now tell us about that bear. We wanna hear the story.

I will post his reply to this on a separate message.

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