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Hunting with CAS BP

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Does anyone else hunt with their CAS Black Powder loads? What do you hunt? How effective are they?

I live in an area that is rural enough that activity along the roads is pretty quiet, yet close enough that you can get there quickly. The area has become a haven for unwanted pets, mostly dogs. While we do have foxes, coyote, and bobcat, they are not a problem except for the rabbit population, however, these drop off dogs will pack and they become a serious problem for me. They chase cows, kill young calves, and generally tear stuff up. This is my livelyhood, so I could care less about humane kills or fair chase. My best shot so far has been just a tad over 150 yards. I've taken a couple of 250 yard shots that dusted the suckers. I was impressed with an old '66 repro and Black Powder.
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Took a small doe last week with one of my 75 Remmies loaded with 30gr of 3f and my Maxi Ball slug. One shot at 20 yards, took the top of her heart out and she dropped within 50 yards.
Took a doe with my 45 Marlin at about 60 yards and a nice 8 point buck with my 45-70 B.C. at about 150 yards out. He never moved and I thought I missed him. Loaded a second shell but did not need it, he was on the ground. A 486 gr. bullet make a **** of a hole on the back side.
Now I know I wont to go on a Buffalo hunt or Elk next year (this yr.)
Peddler that makes two of us that want to hunt Buff with a big bore and BP!! I wanna hunt'em wid ma sangle shot!!! :-D
:D I will be going to the Sand Hills in Nebraska this year with a good friend, and both of us will be using our Sharps rifles.

His will be a 45-70 and mine will be the 45-90 loaded with a 500-gr plus grain bullet over a good load of BP.

I used my Springfield Trapdoor this year to take a buck with a BP load and it was great.
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