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Hunting with CAS BP

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Does anyone else hunt with their CAS Black Powder loads? What do you hunt? How effective are they?

I live in an area that is rural enough that activity along the roads is pretty quiet, yet close enough that you can get there quickly. The area has become a haven for unwanted pets, mostly dogs. While we do have foxes, coyote, and bobcat, they are not a problem except for the rabbit population, however, these drop off dogs will pack and they become a serious problem for me. They chase cows, kill young calves, and generally tear stuff up. This is my livelyhood, so I could care less about humane kills or fair chase. My best shot so far has been just a tad over 150 yards. I've taken a couple of 250 yard shots that dusted the suckers. I was impressed with an old '66 repro and Black Powder.
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:D I will be going to the Sand Hills in Nebraska this year with a good friend, and both of us will be using our Sharps rifles.

His will be a 45-70 and mine will be the 45-90 loaded with a 500-gr plus grain bullet over a good load of BP.

I used my Springfield Trapdoor this year to take a buck with a BP load and it was great.
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