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I can now use the .25-06 for PLINKING!

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SPEER reloading manuals have a neat section going with a lot of their load tables. In the lower right corner, they have a "Reduced Load" which will turn any 'hotrod' into a Model T! :)

I found I can use SR-4759 and 85,100, and 120gr bullets and load them from 1500-1800fps, EXACTLY the thing I wanted for 'plinking.'

I would like to find some reduced loads like this for 65 and 75 grain bullets as well, but at least now I have a start.

I would think an 85 gr bullet at 1500 fps would be very similar to a .22WMR for usage. The magnum puts a 40gr bullet out at what, 1900 fps.

I figure with the bullets I have on hand, the new powder and primers, I'll be able to reload the .25-06 for about $13 per hundred. If I can get some bulk bullets, that should be even less. I'll be down to the cost of .22WMR in no time! :) And I get to use the same rifle as I deer hunt with too!
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.25-06 Plinkers

Gonna have to get that Speer reloading manual!

Back in the '70's using Hornady's reloading manual, I discovered
that the 75gr HP loaded at 3300fps had practically an identical
trajectory to the 100gr SP loaded at 3100fps. Just so happened
that these velocities were considered accuracy loads, and very
accurate they were! Both rounds also used IMR4895, which was
nice & convenient. The 75gr loads were used for p-dogs and the
100gr was my mulie round.

I have a M70 257 Roberts and a M700 25-06. For a plinking load that expands well try a soft load of RL-7 and the 86 gr. Remington FP designed for the 25-20. The bullets are available in bulk at Midway.
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