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SPEER reloading manuals have a neat section going with a lot of their load tables. In the lower right corner, they have a "Reduced Load" which will turn any 'hotrod' into a Model T! :)

I found I can use SR-4759 and 85,100, and 120gr bullets and load them from 1500-1800fps, EXACTLY the thing I wanted for 'plinking.'

I would like to find some reduced loads like this for 65 and 75 grain bullets as well, but at least now I have a start.

I would think an 85 gr bullet at 1500 fps would be very similar to a .22WMR for usage. The magnum puts a 40gr bullet out at what, 1900 fps.

I figure with the bullets I have on hand, the new powder and primers, I'll be able to reload the .25-06 for about $13 per hundred. If I can get some bulk bullets, that should be even less. I'll be down to the cost of .22WMR in no time! :) And I get to use the same rifle as I deer hunt with too!
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