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David Arnold <[email protected]>
> "I guess it runs in the family."

> The Polar-Star of the Child of God
> Many years ago, the following appeared in Moody Monthly: "Did you ever raise
a radish? You put a small, black seed into the black soil, and, in a little
while, you return to the garden and find a full grown radish. The top is
green, the body white, almost transparent, and the skin a delicate red or
pink. What mysterious power reaches out and gathers from the ground the
particles which give it form, size, and flavor?

Whose is the invisible brush
that transfers to the root, growing in darkness, the hues of the summer
sunset? If we were to refuse to eat anything until we could understand the
mystery of its creation, we would die of starvation - but mystery, it seems,
never bothers us in the dining room; it is only in the church that it causes
us to hesitate." 1

> A desperate father brought his tormented son to Christ, pleading for His
assistance. Jesus said to him, "If you can believe, all things are possible to
him who believes" (Mark 9:23). "Believe" means "to be persuaded of, to place
confidence, to trust, reliance on, totally leaning on."2 Faith is more than a
believing with the mind. It is a total act of complete reliance upon God.

> A children's Bible teacher suddenly stopped reading a passage from the Bible,
and asked the youngsters, "Why do you believe in God?" She got a variety of
answers, some full of simple faith, others obviously insincere. The one that
stunned her came from the son of the minister. He boldly stated, "I guess it
runs in the family!" 3

> "This is the polar-star of a child of God - faith in his Father's providences,
promises, and grace. Let the eye look upward, and all will be light."4
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