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Bought a new Trojan in March, recieved in April and because of "projects around the house" have yet to fire this new honey. .45 caliber of course.
Now that is pretty bad, however; this is not the flame.
When I bought the weapon from Dawson precision I also ordered a set of white, thin, paper grips for the young lady (every young lady should have a white dress). They were ordered from Smith and Alexander and to be on the weapon when I picked it up. To date, four months later, that is at least one hundred and twenty days ago, the grips have not been received, shipped, back-ordered or manufactured.
Their story, Smith and Alexander that is, is that the material received for the grips was not up to specs and refused. They have no idear when this will happen.
Anybody got a plan "B" for me?
Criteria--white, paper and thin.
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