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I have been blessed far more than I deserve,
Each new day brings some cause for giving thanks,
I never could have made it all alone,
Outnumbered here among life's crowded ranks.
Had He not walked beside me all the way,
I might have missed the path obscured by weeds,
Because of Him my heart has learned to pray,
Not for what it wants... but what it needs.

I have been blessed in countless little ways,
One of which is recognizing when,
And if He places milestones in my way,
Why 'tis to teach me how to say "Amen."
No night so dark there does not fall a ray
Of hope that shines far brighter than a star,
No grief so great we cannot bear its weight,
Upheld by Him, poor creatures that we are.

He promised us that "those who seek shall find,"
He said "who knocks will be admitted in,"
Time and again we've all had cause to know
How true this is, and even now as then.
The songs of birds, the sunlight through the trees,
And simple faith that is its own reward,
Oh what a consolation just to know...
I have been blessed a hundred-fold, my Lord.
-Grace E. Easley
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