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I missed

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:( I was out hunting in my treestand in the swamp. A small buck with a doe following started to cross the semiclear are next to me. I was using my contender with a 14' 44 mag barrel and a 2X leopold scope. I had a hard time picking an opening as the buck was coming a good clip. He stopped next to a tree with about 20 yds to go before he hit the thick stuff. I managed to miss him twice. When I got down there was no sign I touched him.
It occurs to me a rest might have helped.Do es anyone use one in thier tree stand? I have shot a couple deer with my 7X30 but I wasn't using this portable treestand rig. Any suggestions for added accuracy from a treestand with handguns?
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Freddog, I have a couple of portable stands that I attached a piece of aluminum tubing, about 1" long, to with the lower ends capped off. They are placed, one each, at the front corners of the platform. This gives me a place to put the feet of my Stoney Point extendable Bi-pod to rest in and I then can use the bi-pod to shoot from. It also works with a dowel rod bi-pod I made from two pcs of dowling and a heavy duty O-ring, but I give up the option of changing heights. Just a thought. Good luck...RW :wink:
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