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I am a member of only 2 of these forums.
On the 'other place' there is a recent post form a man who says that he is under supernatural attack.
This poor man is awakened from a deep sleep by what he thinks is Satan attacking him in his sleep trying to get into his mind.
He said he tried reading the Bible and praying to no avail and the only way he got any piece was to SING PRAISES to god all night long.
Hmmmmm. I suggested in a very mild way that he might want to seek professional help as it sounds as though the poor man has a disorder of some sort.
Well the fundamentalists ripped me up for that.
He was given all sorts of simple minded advice including shouting for the devil to flee in the name of Jesus over and over until the devil runs for the hills.
The poor sufferer is not the only person with a disorder me thinks.
Listen up folks. Being awakened from a deep sleep thinking Satan is attacking your mind is symptomatic of a deep problem.
I'm well educated, trained and have considerable experience in dealing with disorders of the mind.
I don't have a degree to practice, but I'm trained in recognizing these things and the sufferer has a condition that requires professional help.
For 22 years I delt with uncountable numbers of mentally ill people and its almost universal that paranoid schizophrenics have a god/jesus/satan fixation.
Schizophrenics often see Elivs or Moses, or president Lincoln but the paranoid schizos do the god/jesus/devil thing. I don't know why that is.
Anyway the 'fundo's' are feeding into this guys illness and are not helping him one bit.
I ended with suggesting he seek out a qualified Christian counelor or at least a hospital chaplan.
A TRAINED and EDUCATED minister would likely spot this guys condition also but a self proclaimed born again fundo is doing him no good at all.
Any and all thought are welcome.
Any suggestions?

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fe352v8 said:

You do not need an opinion you need an intervention strategy. As the afflicted poster, is but as user name on a forum, he is beyond your help. I do not believe in demonic possession and feel that those who do are merely feeding this poor mans delusions further. I feel the only intervention on your part is to hope/pray, that someone in personal contact with this individual gets him the help/medication he needs.

My experience has been that those “possessed by demons”, and who subsequently have them “cast out”, often become “avenging angels” or “messiahs”, and dangerous to themselves and or others.

Of course you are right. This is why I suggested the afflicted person seek out a qualified Christian counselor who could see his dementia and perhaps persuade him to seek help.
Unfortunately the fundamentalists beat me up and fed into the delusional mans illness.
The heck of it most of the fundos that fed into the afflicted persons dementia are prelatively educated men.
Go figure!?

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Naw he ain't being attacked by the devil. He's a paranoid scizophrenic or on his way.
Mental disorders happen to all sorts of people and God or the devil have nothing to do with it.
People get hit by trains, killed by lightning and it has nothing to do with religion at all.
Even the Catholics who occasionally admit to practicing exorcism will tell you demonic possession is a very rare thing indeed.
If it exists at all.

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"One must be strong to keep the faith, and Satan preys on the weak. He tempts all men and uses the weak as his soldiers. This is how I see it, and how I believe it, based on my bible studies. Peace and God bless. Wolfsong"

Yup. That pretty much says it all.
If Satan could enter any persons body or mind at any moment then we'd all be in deep doo-doo.
Like I have said many times my hobby isn't so much religion or bible study as it is History of Christianity, however I do believe that the righteous at heart are completely protected from demonic possession especially those 'saved'.
Real cases of "possession" are rare, IF they exist at all.
My trouble critter on the other forum is emotional or mentally disrought at the very least.
Most parnoid scizophrenics have a Jesus/God/Satan fixation.
Sometimes these poor people kill themselves or others to avoid the demonic 'voices' etc. etc. etc. You all have read of this right?
Often the right pcychotropic medication completely restore the afflicted to a state of relative normalcy.
Best they stay out of church though!

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I discussed it here because I WANTED TO.
And that's good 'nuff reason for me.
If someone posts they are going to jump off a bridge I don't need much information to understand that person is a "troubled critter".
Understand that this site has strict rules and a couple moderators and a site owner that won't put up with the crap and evil back bitting that goes on at the other place.
So I'll behave here and shutup.
But I do believe I can post what I want where I want as long as I'm, on topic and obey the rules without members of 'the other place' following me around.
'Nuff said?
Now let it go. WE had our 'wars' here and nearly lost the thread for less than goes on at the other place.
None of us want to see that happen again.
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