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I wonder if old Newt will make it ?

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Im thinking we are going to have to help Newt get to this board. It may just be too much for him these days. :lol:

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If he founds out there is a pink truck over here, he will manage one way or the other. :coffee:
So Joe, does this mean the trucks back on for the Dec. photo contest? ole Santa Claus you. :D :D
I heard yesterday that Newt has a tent set up not more than 75 miles northeast of me. I reckon he's fixin to get a headstart on these pale NC otters. I also heard that his tent doesn't have electricity, so he probably won't be online for a bit. Hope those far ants leave him alone.
Hey!! You guys lay off old Newt, he can't help it. He is not a well man. Least wise, mentally :twisted:

OK, I made it.Even tho two slice toasters and rotary Phones are my speed.
WELL there MISTER Paul D. I got me 50 acres and two bulk barns,and will be bringing a trailer down shortly.NO more liven in the tent,NO more skinnen out side from a tree with a larntern for light. I will put a hurten on them otter this year(or I will try).AS you said the first year in a new area, is a learning experance. HA HA
RdFx, yea I do nead that WOOD KITTY juice.I got a GREAT lure for the BLUE BUCKET mink set where I use a lot of wood kitty juice.
Also I buy SKUNK ESSANCE any body want to sell me/or trade for lure or snares.I will supply you with shipping containers and directions on how to ship. E-mail or Phone 609-748-3541
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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