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If you really wanted to hunt Alaska, what is stopping you?

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Just curious as to how others feel. Maybe we Alaskans can help quench your fears and help out.

If you really wanted to hunt Alaska, what is stopping you? Are you afraid of the bears or is it because you can't spell half of the names of the villages?

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If you really wanted to hunt Alaska, what i

It can't be the spelling thing, I've lived here longer than not and still can't spell 90% of them. If I was a guessing man, I'd guess that it is the expense and being totally unfamiliar with the surroundings. It's one thing to drive to another state and hunt in familiar terrain, but to spend 500 bucks on a plane ticket, take a week or two of vacation, spend another 500 or 1 grand on a floatplane or bushplane charter without any idea of good spots to hunt, is something else. Then the added expense of shipping your trophy home, etc... Add that to Alaska's notorieous weather, it's pretty tough to do without a guide. Guides are pretty expensive proposition, worth it, but some may not be able or willing to spend that kind of money.

Just some ideas.
Helpful hints...

Ya know what helped me the most was getting on forums like this one before I came up here and asking a buttload of questions. Then a fella in our unit did a little map recon with me and showed me the typical country I'd find bears, (i.e., above treeline along such-and-such roads). I've actually got guys in my unit (hunters and fishermen even) that never set foot out of Anchorage their whole tour. All they've needed was a "why don't you tag along with us" and they were in the game.
Brian - Just do it!

Read my post in the moderators introductions. I just quit one day, packed up and left. It can be done and no Alaskan will let anyone die your first year up here. If you haven't figured it out by your second year, your'e on your own though:-D
If you really wanted to hunt Alaska, what i

the wife's "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"

Wait a minute!

The wife has money and you aren't using it to hunt in Alaska? :lol:

Actually there are several ways to hunt here:
Guided $$$$$
Transporter $$$
Self $$
Rich family member $
If you really wanted to hunt Alaska, what i

Too fat and old and out of shape. That much effort would most likely kill me tho I would go happy at least. No money. I mean NO MONEY! Should have done it when I was much younger and still had a job.

If you really wanted to hunt Alaska, what i

daveinthebush, I like the last option. Will you adopt me?! O. :-D
No but!!!

But women are in short supply. Have you got any to trade for a hunt?

She should be able to smoke fish, carry a 100 pound pack, at least know a j-stroke in a canoe and if the sun comes out.....better looking than a grizzly! :)
on a serioua note

I was up there in the early "80s". Don't know why I left. But seriously, I plan on bringing my son son up there on his 18th,or a moose hunt, which is 3 1/2yrs away. Can't plan ahead to soon, can ya ?! I'd really love to, do a coastal bear hunt, but, unless I win the lottery. There is no way a 10 grand hunt will fly. But if you got some pointers, on a moose hunt, while I take the pic's, any suggestions would be helpfull!!!. O.
Big ticket items.

Hunting grizz, Dale sheep and mountain goats means that you need a guide.

So your talking bigger bucks since someone has to be there with you. If you do a drop-off hunt for moose and black bears or caribou, you could hunt by yourself. You only need a transporter to the area in which you want to hunt. Much cheaper!!

In some areas of the state there are federal cabins. If you reserve the cabin in advance for the dates in which you want to hunt, you would have a place to stay. There is a cabin on Green Island (deer) in Prince William Sound, Jacks Bay (black bear) and some others I am sure. Then it is a matter of transportation.

There are many options for hunting up here but you need to investigate many things. As you get clocer to the date (within one year) let me know and we will start planning to together so it works out.

If you really wanted to hunt Alaska, what i

For me, it would be the time and distance.

Although I have the summer off, I have been told that the best seasons are in September. Due to my work, it is an impossibility to take any time off during this time of year.

I put distance in this catagory due to the fact that I live on the East Coast. I dislike flying and this is one of the more practical methods to go there. I refuse to fly due to the Nazi like security. In addition, I really dislike flying. I've flown several times and not once did I find it enjoyable. I could drive the Alcan highway but I will not register anything with Canada. I am also a fan of handgun hunting and crossing the border with a sixgun and TC is impossible.

One thought would be to take the Alaska Marine Highway from Bellingham Washington and hunt the Southeastern portion . That way I'd be able to take my handguns and my truck to hunt someplace liek Prince of Wales Island or some other place.
If you really wanted to hunt Alaska, what i

Actually you could drive and if ya want to use a Hand gun
there are plenty of outfitter and gunshops you can send your
weapons to and stop by and pick them up or If ya take the ferry all the way up just bring them with you and ya can drive to any part of the state once here. After August the 10th is actually some of the best time of year for sheep, goat, black bear and caribou and some areas Moose season opens aug 20th .Sheep and Goat as well as Grizzly Bear require a guide for non resident.This last season there were 2 groups 6 guys from califorrnia and 4 from South Dakota that had done exactly that,They drove and used the marine option and brought campers and ATVs with them they were hunting in the area around Manley off the Elliot highyway this was their 3rd year they all had a big Moose 50 inch or better and 4 caribou .They come up every other year I met the californians 6 years ago they are quite a nice bunch of guys and have learned to hunt Alaska quite well and very inexpensively they said they had spent about 900.oo each on license and fuel and food they brought two vehicles .That first year i taught them how to call a moose and boy did they catch on.
They said they looked at all the cost they had in trying to hunt
in the over crowded areas that they had been hunting in at home and decided what the heck.The scenery alone was enough for most of them and they could not get over how friendly and helpful most of the people in Alaska were.They said that a lot of people hunting on public or a so called deer lease back home were just to competative and were down wright Rude to you. That if ya was to come up on there camp and tried to even talk to them ya might get a adverse reaction of the finger. Hunting in Alaska is not a competition sport its a way of life to be enjoyed by everyone that wants to be part of it.Try it youll love it and the people of the Land.

To get there meat back they took it into fairbanks and had a processor freeze it for them after letting it hang in camp about 4 to 10 days or till done hunting its plenty cold enough that time of year september
somtimes august especially at night. Another trick is while meat is hanging wipe it down with vinegar water or citrus acid mixture for good ph balance and no bacteria or flie blow.Take the meat and bone it all out and put it in the large waxed fish boxes that hold about 75 to 100 lbs then freeze. They hauled a car trailer with them for the atvs and I told them about insulated commercial fish Totes, they are large polyurethane salmon fishery bins and they bought two insulated ones 2oo. bucks a peice the first year
one will hold three to four moose boned out.they put them on their trailer
they used them to haul extra gear on the way up.After the hunt all gear was thrown in the camper.They were so sucessful they donated 2 large
caribou to the locals. They were some happy hunters.

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I have an idea,

How about those on the boards here who can, begin to scrimp and save $ and in 2004, we all travel to Alaska, and Dabigmoose will be our guide to moose, blackbear, or whatever??????? It could work couldn't it?
markc. :)
If you really wanted to hunt Alaska, what i

:grin: It's been money and distance that stopped me so far. I hnuted Wyoming for moose cause I could drive and hunt from my truck. You guys have given me hope that an Alaskan hunt may be do able. Thanks.
If you really wanted to hunt Alaska, what i

%$#^%*^%$work, the ultimate four letter word is the only thing stopping me right now! (Come Monday, it will be a different story though! :) )

If you really wanted to hunt Alaska, what i

:lol: Mark
ARE you going to the 4th annual im gonna try to make it.
I have a friend coming up to go on a bison hunt in farewell in
march i hope i dont get ran over by a irondog or sled dog
looks like they will be starting the iron dog snowmachine race a little late this year maybe the last week in feb and the iditarod is scheduled for 3-2-03
I was gonna head over to Mcgrath on feb 28. I should be able get that done and head that way in april
I want to see this black water wheel spinning hawk throwing event i hope their easy on Dennis he sure is a nice fella.
:) dabigmoose
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