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If you were LIMITED to one of each...

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Ok, let's say for whatever reason (personal, economical, political, etc.) you were limited to two handguns, two rifles and one shotgun what would you choose?

The handguns must be one rimfire and one centerfire.
The rifles must be one rimfire and one centerfire.
The shotgun is any you want.

Which guns and CALIBERS/GAUGE would you choose?
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Here's my pick...

Rimfire handgun: Ruger 22/45
Rimfire rifle: Marlin Model 780 bolt action
Centerfire handgun: Ruger Redhawk w/4" barrel in .44 magnum
Centerfire rifle: Marlin 444P in .444 Marlin
Shotgun: Remington 870 pump in 12 ga.
Gun choices...

Two Glock 23's in 40 S&W. One stays home for the wife.
One 243 Browning A-bolt composit Stalker.
One T/C Black Diamond .50 muzzle loader.
Remington 12 ga 1100 Auto.

Pretty much what I have now... :D
My government has deemed handguns to be "evil", so I know nothing about them and can't comment.

Rimfire rifles are of interest to me for plinking only, so I'd probably go with my model 90 Winchester.

Centrefire Rifles are my primary interest, and my current darling is my Remington 7600 in .35 Whelen (although I like almost all of them that don't have a bolt).

As for a shotgun, I don't use it much, but I like the feel of my IGA Condor although wish it had automatic ejectors.
Two of each

rimfie pistol=Ruger MKII
centerfire pistol=Colt Anaconda 44mag
rimfire rifle=10/22
centerfire rifle=Rem 700 30/06
shotgun=870 wingmaster
if only

rimfie pistol=dads old colt woodsman
centerfire pistol=S&W 44mag
rimfire rifle=Contender 22lr ( of coarse I would keep the 223 & 30-30 barrel)
centerfire rifle=Encore w/ 223, 22-250, 243, 30/06, 300 win. mag & 50 cal blk pdr.
shotgun=mossberg 500
one of each

rimfire pistol colt diamondback because its here./ centerfire pistol S&W 686 4in same reason as the rimfire. Rimfire rifle 77-22. / Centerfire rifle rem 700 bdl 30-06 ammo everywhere, / Shotgun Rem 870 12ga. because I like it. Nothing fancy on the list just the basics. :D JIM
one of each

rimfire pistol- Colt Woodsman
centerfire pistol- 1911 45acp
rimfire rifle- Win. 90
centerfire rifle- Howa 1500 .223
shotgun-Remington 870 w/20" slug barrel

If it ain't broke,fix it again!!! :gun4:
One of each?

:cry: If I had to choose: Rimfire pistol: Ruger .22/.45 SS slabside target, Centerfire pistol: S&W 657 Mountain Gun in .41Magnum, Rimfire rifle: reworked Ruger 10/22, Centerfire rifle: Armalite AR10, Shotgun: Remington 870 with 18 and 28 inch barrels. Really had to grit my teeth on a couple of these due to a couple real favorites. RKBA!
Well, I don't do much small game hunting up here so here's my list:
Handguns a 1911 Colt 45 for house protection and a 500 Linebaugh for bear protection while fishing.

7x57 for deer, sheep, goats, caribou and small moose.
338 Win Mag for bears and big moose.

I'd take Browning Sweet 16.
This one sounds like fun. Lets see

Rim fire handgun= Ruger Single Six

Centerfire handgun= S&W 29

Rimfire rifle= I think a Kimber

Centerfire rifle=Sako 75 30-06

Shotgun= Remington 870
Rimfire Handgun- Ruger Single Six

Rimfire Rifle- Remington 541

Centerfire Handgun- 1911 .45acp

Centerfire Rifle-Remington or Ruger 30/06 bolt action

Shotgun- Remington 870 12 Gauge or H&R Topper {simple and reliable}
The rifles would be the old Remington 510 Range Master that my Dad gave me (my first gun) when I was nine years old... That old rifle sure holds some dear memories... The centerfire would be .30-06 because of it's wide range of bullet weights and powders. It can be loaded to very nearly equal .223 or .224 performance right on up to, heavier bullets boardering on magnum performance, and is good for just about anyting in the US except brown bears...
Handguns would be my little .22 rimfire single shot revolver and my S&W 629 stainless .357 6 inch... Not so sure about he shot gun though, but will pick my Winchester Ranger Deer Combo in 12 gauge..

Dave what model is the SINGLE SHOT REVOLVER you are refering too in this last post?? :D JIM
My picks

Handgun : Ruger .22 auto with micro sights
Ruger .44 Mag. in Rh or Sbh. 5" bbl.

Rifle : C.Z. .22 American
.270 or 280 bolt gun

Shotgun : My Beretta 12 ga. O/U
- Colt Woodsman

- Sig P220

- Anchutz 1700

- Sako 75 in 338

- Browning S/S 20 gauge

and of course my wife gets five and I think she'd like, S & W 629, Ruger MKII gov't stainless, Sako Finnfire, Remington Titanium in 270, and a Browning O/U is 12 gauge 3".

There now I'm set.
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I have played this game too many time, but here goes:

S&W Mod 41 .22cal. target pistol
Colt Python .357

Remington 700 BDL .270
Weatheby Mark XXII .22 ( they don't make them any more but I still have mine ).

Remington 870 Wingmaster/ 20ga.
Beretta SXS 12ga.

OOBuckshot :D
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rimfire handgun - Ruger 22/45
rimfire riffle - Ruger 10/22T
centerfire handgun - Contender w/223 barrell
centerfire riffle - Ruger M77 270
shotgun - 870 Wingmaster Mag
for now,...... Savage bolt action mark II 22 lr M1 Garand 30-06 Taurus tracker 22 lr and last but not least Taurus 608 357 mag
Handguns:Ruger MkII gov. .22LR
Ruger GP100 .357 Mag w. 6" bbl.
Rifles:Ruger 10/22
Ruger or Remington .30-06
Shotgun:Remington M870
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