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I got out my file yesterday and trimed down my powder dipper to 35 gr. :oops: I'm gonna give'em a try tomorrow. Boy! it sure seemed strange actually having to look in the case to see if there was powder in it!!
Got my grocery list ready for fillers so I can lower it even more

cream of wheat
pinto beans
a leg-o-lamb to render the fat for mutton tallow
Honey with comb (use the comb for wax)
I think powdered eggs and powdered milk will round out breakfast.

Still working on "Sperm Oil" :oops:

Anything else I've missed?

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Yup I could tell yew wuz a gamer frum the blazing speed ya displayed and the fact ya never missed. :) Wal I would have noticed anyway iffen it hadn't been fer all the smoke ya made. :eek:

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