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First trip to the range today to:
1.) break in the new muzzle loader, and
2.) break me into muzzleloading.

NEF Stainless Sidekick, 25ACP conversion, 2x7 Nikon Prostaff, 250 gr Shockwaves, 85 grains loose 777.

Let's just say I'm still geeked.

The consistency of the shot placements was amazing.
The scope adjustments were responsive.
The clean up was painless.
For once, everything just seem to fall in place.

What a great way to spend the afternoon.
Much more enjoyable than shooting a $15 box of shotgun sabots in 5 minutes or less.
(Next decision will be whether to leave the shotgun home on opening day.)

I just want to thank everyone whose brain I've picked for the last year with some of my noob questions.
Everyone sharing their knowledge and expertise in this area is what makes this forum so valuable.
Your help has been truly appreciated.

As time goes by I'll try different load and sabot combinations.
But for the time being I couldn't be happier.
Thanks again.

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Know the feeling! I have been known to drag out both the USH and Huntsman on opening day.

Good luck! Sounds like you have a dandy set-up.

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Nice report! I love mine almost the same setup as yours except I don't have the 25 ACP. I feel more confident with its accuracy on opening day than with any of my slug guns!

Good luck hunting,

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