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Im not a glock fan

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as a matter of fact if it aint a 1911 or a ruger mark 11 I dont have much use for an auto. I was surfing around and found this on the glock forum thought you guys might be interested

**OFFICER INFO-Glock Recall**
Glock is recalling all GLock models made between 8/1/01 and 6/1/02. The dates may be off a little, but this gives you a rough guide line. The problem involves all Glock receivers regardless of caliber. Glock has found there was a problem in the manufacturing process with the rear rail. The slide WILL NOT seperate from the frame, but the slide will not travel to the rear, and the pistol will cease to function.

This is not a joke or attempt at humor. Officer who believe their weapon was made on or near the above dates need to contact their department range staff and get their receiver replaced. If you bought your weapon as an individual purchase, contact Glock directly. If you do not thave thier phone number, email me direct with the name of your department and I will email you the number. I would list it here, but I am uncertain if this is a department only number, or if it available to the public.
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Glock recall

Glock had problems with 1 in a thousand guns[/color], after 26,000 rounds. The replaced all of the Department frames, with the same serial numbers, with an identifier, and paid for the shippng. I am stll more than happy with Glock. Any of you that have close to 26,000 rounds through your Glock better hurry up with this... :grin:
Better hope it is a Glock......

:D I have said this before and I will say it again.Glock might have a recall now and then,nobody is perfect.Try rowcrop farming with anything other than a Glock for protection and put it under the seat of a tractor or pickup with the dirt clods,spider webs, and whatever else that can get there. When ya reach for it,ya better hope it is a Glock cause it is the only one that will function and keep on keeping on under those circumstances. It ain't pretty and it might be made out of tupperware but the bottom line is it works like it is suppose too every time.I have or have had the 1911,Beretta,Browning Highpower,Sig,CZ,and a Firestar to name a few.They are nice,fun to shoot and well constructed. Drop any of them in the sand and you are most likely out of business till ya clean it. Just my .02 cents worth,ain't written in stone! Happy New Year ter all ya'll. I am CAL.....
I always find it amussing when someone seems to find a fault with a weapon like Glocks. When they first came out, the media made such a farse over them getting thru metal detectors, which was untrue. Then most people just assumed that with all the plastic, the guns would not hold up, well that's been disproved also, like the saying "time will tell"!! Well, on a recall such as this, the weapons in question are being recalled by Glock, not the government. So they stand behind their product. I'm just rough estimating, but I'd guess that maybe 25% or less(of those guns being recalled) may be shot up to 26000 times. To me, that means that very few could fail. Compare that to the Jennings and Ravins out there that fall apart just cycling the action,,,,,,,,,I think you get the drift. If you don't like glocks, walk away from them. For those that shoot them and like them, their impossible to beat.

My G20 was made in this timeframe and is NOT invloved in the recall. As a matter of fact, not all Glocks made in this timeframe are being recalled either. MI VHNTR
amen to the glock.
I had my duty gun's frame replaced yesterday at qualification. Still shoots nice. All Hail Glock!


Some say glocks are ugly. My 27 shoots dead on at 25yds with 180 grain. Most fixed sight guns shoot left or right-very annoying, but not the glock! Don't have to wipe that "tupperware" off after shooting like a blued gun. Accurate, never jams, can't beat it! Not many other small guns shoot at 25 yards like a full size. My colt 380 mustang is accurate at 7 yds, maybe 15 yds, but at 25 yds forget it.
In the early 90's I was on the bandwagon with everybody else saying "Who would want a plastic gun"..."If it isn't metal then it is not a real gun"..."What!, no safety, what kind of cheap plastic gun is this!!!!!"..."probably will not last 200 rounds before it is so loose that it is about to come apart"..."Can't be accurate made out of plastic"..."The only people that will want the gun is someone who has to carry and wants something light and plans on never having to shoot it"..."Who would trust their life with something made out of plastic"..."can't wait for them to find something wrong with it".
In the early 90's I probably thought all those thoughts. Now, I own two of them and I think this is one of the best designed pistol's ever. My older brother started telling me in the middle 90's that all the Gun Test articles claim this gun to be accurate and all the torture test they put it through and the thing still worked. From freezing the gun, leaving it in the ocean for a period of time, mud, sand and driving over it with a tractor trailer and it still worked. Plus some people had shot 170,000 rounds thru it and still functioned and shot as accurate as if it were brand new and nothing failed on the gun. My Brother bought one in 1997 and inticed me to shoot it. Well, I got to thinking, I am left handed and not having to mess with a safety is a big plus for me. Finally in 2001 I bought the model 21. Three months later I purchased the model 30. I have been happy ever since. :D
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I love my Glocks!! :D
:D Hawkeye! Reading your post reminded me of my own experiaance! Fifteen years ago you couldn't run fast enough to give me a Glock. Finally tried one about six years ago and guess what rides on my hip now. I have owned several modles and calibers and all have worked great. They ranged from a Generation 1 G17 to a Generation 3 G35. I have settled on the G23 as my on and off duty gun. Do I still like the 1911 and wheel guns? You bet! And would not feel unarmed with either of them. I just happen to think that the Glock is the best. Still carry a Kimber CDP on occasions. Snob appeal you know! :roll:
I learned my lesson the hard way. Basically I'm a wheelgun man, but when it comes to automatics I will never buy anything else but a Glock. My old 21 is the most accurate thing out of the box I have ever fired. And most important of all, I trust it to shoot when I need it to. My .44 mags are the most fun to shoot, but my main carry gun is that good ol' Glock. Guess I'll get the 36 next. No use in changing calibers. Don't guess I can do better than a .45 for self defense.
When they first came out I thought they were the ugliest thing I'd ever seen. Couldn't imagine me ever owning one. BUT I do and now consider it as a first choice. IF it is a semiauto I want it to say Glock on it.

My good friend bought a Colt 1911 45acp. He paid over $700 for this gun. It is nice and I do like it, and I'am thinking about getting a Springfield 1911 for a shooter. That $700 Colt doesn't shoot half as good as either one of my $475 Glock's. I know, I know you can do a lot of things with a 1911, but you don't have to do anything to a Glock. I had a Beretta 92 9mm. That was a well made gun. I didn't like the grip angle and couldn't get the safety with my shooting hand. So the gun was no good to me. I won't carry a pistol that I cann't operate. Again this is not the guns fault. I also had a Ruger KP94 40 S&W. It was a great gun, I just liked the Glock a little better. Now I have two Glock's, a model 22 and a model 27 both in 40 S&W. I plan on getting another one. Maybe a target model with a longer barrel and in 9mm. Now don't get me wrong I like all the pistol's mentioned above. But on a gun to gun bases, the Glock is probably the most reliable and durable pistol ever made. Just remember if you don't work on a 1911 semi-automatic their usually Jam-omatic,s :wink:
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New York Hunter....that's baloney and you know it......1911's need a longer break-in period that's all...........I have 2 Springfield's and a DW Pointman Major and all of these have shot perfect with no malfunctions at all and my G26 has had 2 jams........what sets the Glock apart from 1911's is that you only have 1 manufacturer compared to a dozen or more 1911 manufacturers and you have cheap versions and expensive versions.....jam-omatics, go to a glock match, they have them too.......
Old, unimportant news.
I like my 20-10mm, works every time I pull the trigger, don't need no gunsmith!
The recall in question has been over for about a year. We were contacted by Glock approximately 15 mos ago (I'm the Dept. Amorer) and told the serial numbers of the weapons to have the frames replaced. They sent the frame out to us and I replaced it. Tough job....took the slide off the first frame and put it on number 2. The frames bear the same serial number, except for the notation that it is the upgraded frame. They even provided the box and postage back to them for the "defective" frame. Sent it back, life is good. We've had them here for about 5 years. We can't break 'um, I'm sure some have tried though. :D
Recall is old news. I wouldn't trust my life with a pistol that I couldn't field strip in a matter of seconds.
I do believe the recall involves serial numbers beginning with E and not all are involved. I called about my G-22 with an E beginning and was told not to worry about it. I've been shooting the Glocks for almost 10 years but it took me a while to take them seriously. Now I love them.
New here.

I'm not a Police Officer, but I do run two G17's in IDPA, along with a Wilson KZ-45. To be honest, if I had to choose just one, I would pick Glock everytime.
They are simply awesome pistols.
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