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If you live in Indiana, you better get on the stick and write to your representatives to stop these bills ASAP. One of them will ban the use of ALL semi-automative weapons. Kiss your 11-87 good-bye!!

Senate Bill 0199 Possession Of Firearm By a MinorPossession of firearms by minors. Makes dangerous possession of a firearm by a child who is less than 16 years of age a delinquent act. Makes the offense, in certain cases, a nonsuspendible offense and requires a minimum period of confinement in a juvenile secure facility if the offense is committed in a public safety improvement area. Prohibits certain adult offenders convicted of dangerous possession of a firearm from being placed on home detention or in a community corrections program.
Comments: Disagree with the language of the bill since it does not specifically call out hunting by minors.

Senate Bill 0487 Handgun background ChecksHandgun background checks. Provides that a dishonorably discharged veteran, a person who uses or is addicted to unlawful drugs, a person who has been charged with or convicted of certain crimes, a person subject to a restraining order related to domestic violence, a person suffering from a mental disease or defect, and certain aliens may not receive a handgun license. Specifies that a dealer may not sell a handgun to a prospective purchaser if a state police background investigation is pending. (The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the criminal law study commission).
Comments: Agree with intent of bill and should be supported.

House Bill 1015 Firearm Sales on County Property
Firearm and weapon sales on county property. Prohibits the sale of deadly weapons, firearms, bombs, grenades, ammunition, firearm components, and shotguns on county property. Prohibits gun shows on county property. Exempts purchases made by a county for a county employee and by the county sheriff's department for a member of the department. Provides that a resident of the county has a private cause of action to enforce and prevent violations.
Comments: Disagree with government banning the lawful sale of firearms. Clearly a anti-gun show bill.

House Bill 1011 Ban on Assault Weapons[/color]
Ban on assault weapons. Provides that the manufacture, importation, sale, or possession of ammunition for a machine gun, an automatic weapon, or a semiautomatic weapon is a Class C felony. Creates enhanced criminal penalties for a person who commits certain drug offenses while in possession of an automatic or a semiautomatic weapon.
Comments: This bill would ban the use of semi-automatic shotguns used for deer hunting, duck hunting, .22 cal. Rifles used for squirrel hunting, all semi-automatic handguns etc. There is no basis for this bill other to ban legal hunting firearms in the State of Indiana.

House Bill 1017 HandgunsHandguns. Requires the completion of a handgun safety course before a person may receive a handgun license. Amends the definition of dealer as it relates to the sale of handguns. Requires a handgun dealer to wait seven business days after obtaining background information from a prospective handgun purchaser before selling, renting, trading, or transferring a handgun to the purchaser. Prohibits a person from purchasing or otherwise obtaining more than two handguns during a calendar month.
Comments: There is no basis for 7- day waiting period. If the person passes the background check then there is no reason to hold the sale of the firearm other than to roadblock the use of firearms. The number of firearms purchased is irrelevant. This bill could result in someone not having the means to defend themselves under certain circumstances.

Folks, you ned to get active and invloved or these bills will slip right through under the guise of terrorism laws. WAKE UP!!!
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