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Interarms 7.62x39 Load

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I've got an Interarms Mini-Mauser in commie-caliber and am not having much luck with accuracy. The barrel has a .311" bore and doesn't cotton to .308" projectiles. My best groups come from using Russian made hollow-points with a moly coating. Obviously, they are .311" dia. I have heard that hot loaded .308 "varminter" bullets will slug up to the bore because of their softer lead and thinner jacket, but I have not had the opportunity to try them. Anybody had any experience loading for this gun?
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I dont have a Mauser but........poor man's Whisper........

I reload for my SKS with both .308 and .311 bullets. You might enjoy this for an experiment. Just for fun, I have loaded 200 gr gaschecked hardcast bullets with 6 grs of Red Dot. You can make loads for the 7.62 that are very similar to the 300 Whisper. Very quiet and yet effective. Now this is the good part........If you have a .311 bore rather than a .308......the .308 bullets are less likely to get stuck in the barrel for reduced load experiments. However, they will not engage the rifling as much, so they will probably tumble sooner. I have only tried them out to 25 yds, and they seem fine. I have used as low as 2 grs. of Red Dot without it getting stuck in the .311 bore...but similar loads in a .308 barrel definately do not work.
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