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I' can't say as I've ever seen a chart like that, or that it would be all that useful. Thinking about it, when one goes after hogs, you just never know what size hog will show up.

I think it would be good to understand that a hog, like any animal can be taken with a variety of calibers and at distances ranging from 0" to many yards. It depends on the shooter and how well he or she can place a round from any given weapon that determines the outcome of an encounter with a hog as much as the caliber itself.

I know hunters who take very small varmit calibers into the fields and drop hogs all day with a single shot. I wouldn't recommend that for a newbie, or even myself, but those guys are very familiar with their weapon of choice and the rounds they shoot and know exactly where the bullet will go when the trigger is pulled. That only comes from much proper practice at the range and in the field.

So, I'm not really answering your question I guess. So lets ask, what firearms do you currently have, have hunted with or plan to buy for hog hunting. With some idea of what type and caliber of firearm you plan to hunt with, a number of folks on these boards can make reccomendations as to which bullet weight/style would be best for any size hog you may encounter when you go after them.

A round placed behind the ear tends to drop even large hogs really quick, whether the bullet is large or small caliber. Now the smaller calibers tend to work better up close than hundreds of yards away, but again, can you accurately place the bullet into a small area on a moving animal, in low light conditions? Personally I prefer the following, rifle, .44mag, .444marlin, 30-06, handgun .44 mag and heavy bullets in those. Many guys will go with much larger calilbers, because they like em' they trust them and they shoot em well.

:) Hope that helps to narrow down some choices for you. Also, I would avoid using a shotgun. Although a rifled slug from a 12ga slug barrell will certainly take down a hog, accuracy can be less than desireable from some shotguns and loads. Buckshot just doesn't give the penetration needed.
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