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Particularly the posts by Marshall Stanton...

2000+ fps is no object for our bullets.... I shoot them regularly in the .444 up to 2600 fps in the lighter weights, and up to 2900+ fps in a .375 Ackley. You'll have no problem with leading or on-game performance at 2000+ velocity.

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On another board dedicated to cast bullets, I asked about top end velocities once. The answer I get was quite similar to this thread with one exception, the concensus was that it takes an exceptionally exellent barrel to get very good groups and full velocities.

My 45-70 barrel wouldn't shoot worth beans with 459 bullets, yet the groove was 456. Yes .001 can make a great difference, but it ain't the difference between 6" groups and 2" groups. Many don't realize just how good 2" 100 yard groups are with cast, anything shooting 1" and less is real match grade stuff.

I'm sure those guys know lots more than me, but the claim of bullets over 2000 fps making good hunting loads I'll take with a grain of salt. While reaching 2500 fps + is an achievable goal, it generally takes bullets that are simply too hard for good game performance. They will either pass through like FMJ or if they hit bone will come to peices. There is a reason so much effort has been spent with things like dual alloy bullets and cast bullet hunters spend so much time shooting stuff like water jugs and wet news print to see how their bullets perform.

It ain't that I don't believe the fella, it's just that I know enough to take what he says with a dose of salt. If what he is saying ain't a streach, it is certain there is part of the story we ain't getting.

In the Lyman 48th edition, there is a photo of a bullet taken from a hog that shows nearly perfect expansion performance. The bullet is the 379499, a .379 264 grian bullet. They state the hardness was about 10 BHN, same as 20:1 and air cooled wheel weights (they don't say which) They state the velocity was 1700 fps. This very likely was fired from a 375 Winchester with a load of 25 grains of 4198. Same load is good for the 38-55 as well.
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