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Why not try swabbing between the shots ? When I shoot a deer I swab between reloading as I watch the deer. (It don't take much effort to put a tee-shirt patch in my mouth & wet it & swab down & back one time) I am very picky & careful about my shots & I know where I hit & etc., but I still swab as I watch the deer and reload as doing so. Also we are allowed 2 a day & if I have a good clean shot at another deer I am ready & if not I have one a shot to practice with later on.

On you grouping, I would try some different loads & different lubes. Tho the Ballistol is a great product (I love the stuff) it has not done well for me as a patch lube, even tho it is real convenient.

As for an accurate load, you need 3 shots in 1 ragged hole at 25 yards. If you have not obtained 3 shots touching at 25 yards on a 50/54/58 cal you don't have the ball/patch/lube/charge combo yet & there is no sense pursuing further out in yardage til you get it close. If you can't group close you are Not going to group further out.

Also, IMHO all of this should be done on a solid Bench with Sand Bags..... Get the gun to shoot first, then work on your shooting. If the gun will not perform neither will you. Working loads & offhand shooting at the same time is a joke, as you have no idea if the load is not performing or you are not performing or both....... Eliminate human error first, then work on you after you establish what the gun likes best. Yesm it is time consuming & to some a PITA, to me it is fun & all just part of doing it right & being successful at doing it.

After you acquire this close group at 25 yards, then go to 50 yards & 3 shots in a 1 to 1/2" group (measureing bullet Center to center) and when you obtain this you have found a pretty darn good load & getting good grouping.

Learn your limitations offhand. Learn what you can Accurately shoot (distance) off hand. If it is 50 yards for now, then 50 yards is it for now. Practice will bring you to 75 yards & then 100 yards.

I been shooting ML's for well over 30 years & my distances are going the opposite now of what they did 20 years ago. Eyesight & not enough time to practice = less comfortable safe kill range distance, so my limit for a sure kill on a deer is now 75 yards. If I can't get a safe sure shot in that range, it will just have to wait on another day ..... simple as that... Ya have to learn you limitations, even tho you may not like them sometimes.... :roll:

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