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Is the site slow?

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Greybeard, The site, has been extremely slow all day. No matter what browser I use.
I dont have the same problem with other sites, Is it my computer? Is there a setting anyone knows of?
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I don't think it is your computer. Very slow here too. Everything was ok early this morning then slowed down to a crawl about 1:00 this afternoon.
Thanks bobg, the same here.
look on the bright side, you can catch some ZZZs between responses.
ZZZ's would be good but if I don't look busy on it, the other half wants it. I have to play the... I'm researching game.
briarpatch said:
ZZZ's would be good but if I don't look busy on it, the other half wants it. I have to play the... I'm researching game.
;D I know the feeling. I went to best buy and sprung for a toshiba net-book.
no more sharing.
Very slow and there was about a 6 or so hour period yesterday I could not access the site at all. Everything else with other sites was fine so not sure.
Glad I saw this thread, I thought I was being punished, for arguing with an unnamed person :-X in the conspiracy section. ;)
Yep, was very slow. And like Cabin4, I couldn't access for several hours late yesterday. But, now seems to be fine (just in last 30 minutes or so).
Yesterday the host for our server in Atlanta was having network problems and yes we were down until they fixed it. Dunno what it was but was their problem not a problem with our server it just affected us along with I assume everyone else who has servers there.

Today a cable somehow came unplugged on our Dallas server which is the one that our banners are served from. It slowed down the loading of the banners. Matt was out of town working and was not able to check on it until he got home tonight. When he couldn't access it he called and they physically checked and attached the cable back to our server. How they could let that happen I have no clue. We will be off the Dallas servers by the end of next month.

So yup folks we've had problems now for two days in a row and to compound the problem today Matt was not in a position to fix things and I have no clue what to do in such situations.

Everything should be back to normal now.
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working fine now. Thanks
They made the site slow becuase some members cannot read fast ;D ;D
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