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Is there anyone out there---------?

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that takes long walkes in the dead of winter in the National Forest besides me???and if your as crazy as me what do you take for equipment for a week or two walk in deep snow.Lp. :D
Dont go were the path leads,go were there is no path,and leave a trail :D
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Snow? You mean that white stuff in the photos my friend Barry in PA sends me? Neat looking stuff. I think I remember we got some once. Yeah pretty sure we did but then it might have just been a heavy frost. :)

Never took a long hike in the snow as we don't get much. Did walk around one day for a few hours but by the time the roads were clear enough to get out the snow was mostly history.

Well, I reckon I snowshoe and ski way out in the unknown for days on end up here. Most of my treks are confined to the Wrangell-St. Elias mountains (including but not confined to the largest of all of national parks), the Chugach Mountains (including the 5.6 million acre Chugach National Forest), the Alaska Range (including Denali National Park) and every so often points further out. Alaska is a really special place in the winter. Nowhere else quite like it.
Yukon Jack.I envey you for being up there,I know the places are allways better where you like to be than where you are.Back in the mid sixtys when I was discharged from the Army I was going to move up but it was in the dead of winter,so I was going to head up in the spring well that didnt work out I ran out of money.Than I met my Wife and I'm still down hear trying to make a living to raise my family.Now I'm retired and finaly am able to make it up there.
I didnt make it your way when I was up there,I spent most of my time arround Eagle.I walked the tractor trail that heads NW for about 20 milesto I think some place arround crooked creek,and saw some of the bigest Bears I have ever seen in my life,and the caribou were heading north.
Your right there is no place like that any place that I have been to.I took wy frying pan and did a little paning for gold close to Chicken,and found some.
I'm coming back up next july and kayak the Yukon from Eagle to the pipe line,the Ice should be out by then.The last time I was up i the first of June and the Ice was just breaking up.Take care Lp.
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That's a really neat area. It has lots to offer, no doubt about it. Don't limit yourself, though. Every region in AK is full of different and outstanding experiences awaiting for anyone who wishes to step foot off the road. Bring your bug dope, a good pair of broke in boots and a good backpack, an open mind, some woodsmanship (maps and compass) and a little common sense and prepare to fall in love.

Every bend of the creek, every ridge top offers wonders beyond belief.

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