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Dand: I share your concerns and am about as infuriated with this 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judge as anyone can get. But, the idjit is from kalifornica and don't know schmidt. That's why he disagrees with everyone. I doubt he has an honorable agenda here except his own. Don't forget that this is the same idjit who said the Pledge of Allegiance was unconstitutional.

Well, you are correct about the time to set up new courts and I think we are on the way to doing that. Since we took the majority in the house in this past election the President will have greater flexibility in appointing conservative constitutionalists to the bench, which is what we want.

It's interesting - the 5th US Circuit Court said it is our individual right - the 9th says no. Let the Supreme Court decide and then the dissenters will have to live with it. But please understand that even when the Supreme Court decides in our favour there will still be an idjit buttsniff like that one who will continue to disagree - best we can do is hope for his removal from the bench.

If you don't mind I would like to copy your letter to my congressional representatives - unfortunately they are both idjits - they are klinton and schumer. Wish me luck.. This be Mikey.
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