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I have been hunting with my father since i was 5. :grin: My first gun i ever had was a b.b. gun. second 22 cricket third 20 gage shotgun single shot fourth another 22 cricket fifth pellet gun and sixth a thirty-thirty. Hog Hunting is hard but it means alot to me and my dad. We have about 100 pictures of us hunting together and with all our buddies that include Andrew, Jerry, Mr. Tolar and Jack plus everyone else that hunt withs us. I cant wait until we go hunting with Andrew at the Langley Ranch! I HOPE I KILL ANOTHER HOG!!! Bow hunting is very difficult for me though. I shoot a recurve with no sights. I do not like sights though. I guess i do not like them because i have never shot a bow with sights. I miss all of my buddies though. At least i still have my dad or i would not shoot well. :(
I wish i wouldn't of moved. But up here i have like 5 or 6 hunting leases. I miss baiting racoons. Sometimes i would eat some of the racoon bait.
We used tuna fish as bait for the racoons
. 8) I hope i kill a hog though. :) If my dad would of never taught me to hunt i would probably be putting on make-up!!! :oops: I cant wait until i hunt on the Langley Ranch!!!!
p.s. Barbies are boring! :evil: :twisted:

Well Good Bye!!!
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