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Sam and John were buddies from an early age. Avid baseball fans, they payed in little league together, John Pitching and Sam Catching. Played all through high school together, Senior year John Never lost a game with Same behind the plate. Even went to the same College and had a nearly perfect record there too. Then just before starting there minor league carears Sam was killed in a car accident. A Few weeks later John was awakened to the sound of Sams voice. John says, "that can't be you Sam your dead". "It's me John, I speaking to you from Heaven". "Wow Sam, tell me what Heaven is like". Sam says, "Well, would you like the good news or the bad news first". "Give me the good news Sam". Well it is fabulous up here, and we have a baseball league too. I'm on a great team, you wouldn' believe the guys I'm playing with up here. Ted Williams just showed up, can he hit." "Well what is the bad news Sam".
John M. A Connecticut Yankee
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