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Well, I'll relay a story of mine to yall. I was to be hunting in Macon Co., Alabama and having a great time. Scouting the day before the hunt, I noticed several buck tracks, #2, and scrapes/rubs. I knew that the following day would be a great hunt. We(Myself, Chris and Jason) all stayed up late shooting the bull and didn't get very much sleep before our hunt. We all got out just before daybreak and set up in our shooting houses. Mine was on the corner of a 10 acre green field. I had been in the house for about 1.5 hours and the lack of sleep was really starting to take it's toll. I know that I must have dozed off at least twice, but did have a chance to see 3 does and 5 Turkey. The second time I dozed off, I awakened to see a squirrel sitting about 6 inches from my hand on the ledge/shooting rest. That little rascal was looking out towards the green field with the eyes of a hawk. I could swear that he was panning the field, and at any moment would run down the barrel of my '06 and cut loose on something out there in the field. I could picture the joker shooting something and turning around to me wearing a big smile and saying, "told you I'd get one, you sunna beach!" Then I thought how funny it would be to reach over and thump him on top of the head to see what would happen. I just got so dang tickled that my whole chest was jumping up and down from thinking about this. Then I started chuckling a little and the squirrel noticed me, ran across my arm, out of the house, stopped on a limb 15 feet away and proceeding barking up a storm. During all the excitement, I noticed a nice 8 pointer leaving the far edge of the field and into the pine thicket. I was pretty upset at first, especially since I didn't see anything again that day. Looking back, it was actually pretty fun. I guess that's why we call it hunting and not killing. In a way, I would have to say that the danged old squirrel was a memorable part of my hunting trip that I won't soon forget. Any of you fellers reading this, just don't think about me and my squirrel the next time you're dear hunting. Who knows, you may get a case of the giggles and miss your Buck too! :grin:
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