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Just curious, why start with Alaska?

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Thought I'd try out your new system GB - kinda looks like some others out there. Hope this is as easy to use as your old one. That is one thing I really like about it - its simple. But I see you must struggle with it pretty often. Hope this one is better for you.

In my part of Alaska - Bristol Bay - we are finally getting cold. It might get to 0 tonight. Shoot for the last month I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't in Washington or Oregon somewhere. Now I'll kick myself for not getting to the range more often while it was nice. No snow to speak of yet so it might be hard to get out for the winter moose hunt. O'course weather can change real suddenly here. :D
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I guess we are supposed to be getting about 6" of snow today. We'll see. I ain't seen nothin' but rain so far. Feels like it's about 40 degrees out there this morning. :(

I don't guess I've got much to say about it this morning, but I usually talk too much, so I'm sure I'll have plenty to talk about later. At any rate, Thanks to You, GB and Matt, for this Alaska forum. :D
Wal now...

Actually we're starting with both an Alaska Hunting Forum and a Swap Hunt Forum. Why?

Well because those are the two that have been requested most recently. I've been trying to get Matt to add both for a couple weeks or more now. He keeps telling me about his time constraints. He has now set up this software on GBO and I can add as many forums as I want or delete them and also set up categories or whatever I wanna do. I can delete a post while viewing it if I want rather than going to a separate page to do the deletions as I do on the other software.

I still much prefer the look of the other but it has become very time consuming for Matt to try to maintain and he just doesn't have time to work out the bugs and do updates to it as needed. Since this one is a commercial package it is updated and maintained by the folks who wrote it so it stays up to date and modern and best of all is FREE!

So far it seems a pretty easy one to work with. I'll still miss the cascading format that allows me to make a post directly underneath the post I'm replying to but I guess I'll live with it, I do most everywhere else I visit.

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Thanks Greybeard

Here in soldotna we got maybe 4 inches snow and someone hit a brown bear cub with a car last night it was in todays local paper the bears are still out.
Good to see the Alaska crew here on the new site. The weather has been strange over here too in Valdez. 5-6 temperature records this month alone for high temps. First snow yesterday. Kind of glad though, bought a cabin with a 300 foot driveway and no wife to shovel it. :lol:

If the weather keeps up I am heading out deer hunting on the islands for Thanksgiving. Someone has to do those trips!

Lets keep it up guys!

Take care and keep the waves off the windshield!
Just got back from a 2 day deer hunt on Hawkins a couple of days ago. Didn't see any bears, but did see quite a bit of sign. We hunted high (relatively speaking) and deer sure weren't cooperative. Got one small one. Didn't have a lot of time and was too rushed to any real good. At any rate, the bears are still out there and I suspect them to be hanging around on Montague and Hinchinbrook. Careful out there.
Just registered. Thanks for the new forum! I've been lurking around for a couple of years and really just gotten back here. Have always liked this site and plan to continue! Thanks again!

How is the deer hunting shapeing up? I have lived here for well over 4 decades and haven't EVER taken advantage of the blacktails! :( I hope to remedy that this season! :D I've done my part to help curtail a growing population of yodel dogs in the last few years here and, though will not retire from them, am looking forward to some hot deer pepperoni[/color]!

The deer hunting in the Sound is pretty good. I'm hearing a lot of success from Montague and Hinchinbrook, even with the warmer weather we've had so far. Hawkins would have been better, probably, if we hadn't have been so rushed or stayed a couple of days and waited for this low pressure system to come in.
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