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Just recently got a 10" 22rf Contender..could use some

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What kind of scopes are people using on these? I am assuming a rifle scope....Is competition freehand or bench OR both? I dont know anything about IHMSA...I just like this barrel..I couldnt beleive how accurate this little thing is with irons, so I figured I would try it with a scope. So far, I have only put a 2x on it, but it seems that it would be very accurate with a high-power rifle scope. Somebody fill me in please.
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Thanks Guys...great stuff..

I guess I am a natural...I didnt know I was doing pretty close to the right way....a semi taco hold over the hood. I have been shooting my .22 exactly like that but over the hood of my rig...just seemed to make sense to me for accuracy...and I was talking to a guy in a gun shop today that shoots competition and he also told me to NOT start with the higher power scopes....he said after a certain X you start to LOSE accuracy and that I would be good to start with a 3-9. These guys dont use rules much. I asked him if they are shooting freehand or bolted down, or sand bags, and he said the bunch of guys he shoots with are 'anything goes'...whatever it takes to get the most points. Get this...he said their best shooter is using a Ruger 10-22 with about 800 dollars of improvements. Sonds like a natural transition for me. First I learned to shoot...then I learned to get meat in the I am interested in learning to shoot 'better'. The end result should definately turn into more meat in the freezer via better shot placement, more humane kill, less tracking, and a lot less time and work in general. Thanks guys.
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Thanks Bret..I agree...

I have used other scopes set to the higher range and even though it looked wobbly..they were right on the mark. I think it is true that with lower X , you just cant see the movement as well. I would think that ....the more movement that you can see...the better off you will be to compensate for it. I will be using a 3-9 for now, because that is what I have, but will keep my eyes open for a higher power scope, there isnt any big hurry. Also going to look into some sort of rain fly that I can attach to the side of my van for foul weather shooting, so I can enjoy target shooting when my work slows down in the winter.
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