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Just recently got a 10" 22rf Contender..could use some

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What kind of scopes are people using on these? I am assuming a rifle scope....Is competition freehand or bench OR both? I dont know anything about IHMSA...I just like this barrel..I couldnt beleive how accurate this little thing is with irons, so I figured I would try it with a scope. So far, I have only put a 2x on it, but it seems that it would be very accurate with a high-power rifle scope. Somebody fill me in please.
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Just recently got a 10" 22rf Contender

Well it's like this here. Go to a shoot with what you have. Plan on spending the day there. I have never gone to any of these shoots where people were not friendly and helpful. BUT you have to ask. If you show honesty, and purpose most if not all will let you shoot their guns. It might be after the match is over (the reason I said plan to stay the day). If you do just go and buy a scope I'd keep the high power between 12-18. About ammo I keep cci,win,fed,wolf,elly,rem,and some others on hand just for barrel try outs. A taco hold is the way to go. After you learn the hold it's surprisingly steady. After you learn the hold then a higher power scope might be what you want.
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