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K9 sets in sand

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What is your favorate baited set for use soft dry sand for coyotes? I'm having a heck of a time with coyotes coming in over the backing and stealing my bones or what have you. Dirt hole sets are pretty much out and I'm getting frustrated :?
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I'm with Rdfx flat sets and scat sets. Try using the "T" bone vertabre from cattle carcasses...pound the long spine into the ground. Or char a stake top (6 to 10 inches or so) pound it in so only the char is showing and apply your gland lure or urine. (the char ,black, gives you a visual). Angle the stake towards your trap to direct the coyotes approach; you could also make this a sublte walk through but be careful when forcing a coyote. When I do use gland and urine I like to separate them by oh maybe 10 to 12 inches with the trap between them making a triangle. I set in alot of sand but its mostly in washes and the banks make a natural backing.
Charrred Sticks

Are K-9's attracted to the odor of the burned stick or is it just the visual appeal? Thanks...
Good question! I suspect that it is mostly the color but I don't really know. The porous nature of the char may hold the lure better.
Sorry guys for not getting back to this, my Mother passed away and I had to pull my line and head south in a hurry.

I have been using the T-Bones – They are (were) the ones getting stolen! The sand is soft and pounding them in is not working. My scat and scent post sets have been ignored so far – only the baited sets were getting worked. I hope to get the line back out next weekend and I’ll lean hard on the gland/urine post sets rather than the baited T-Bone sets I guess.

The ground is frozen in places so I may be able to do a few dirt hole sets too.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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