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Hi everyone,
Didn't realize that this forum existed untiil last week! ??? Just had never scrolled down that far :( ??? So, it's probably too late for this season, although good predator hunting (coyotes) is far better after some good freezes (not including fingers, toes, and other instrumental parts of the anatomy. Huh? ???
I'm a senior, 63, have a couple health things I battle, but still want to hunt. Unfortunately, it's now by myself, and that diminishes the fun. No-one to watch you nail a barbed-wire fence that wasn't there just before you squeezed it off; no-one to watch the world's largest bull get between you and the van, and looks hungry; no-one to watch you hunt for your eye-glasses after you tear your head-net off in a desparate attempt to find that darn 'yote, and on and on and ............!!! ;D
So if you're bored, we're talking really, really bored, and kinda like me -- have the time, live in the mid-west (or wherever, it's your dime ;D) -- get back to me. Hope you and yours are all well, ane have a thankfull holiday season!

God Bless


Still trying to learn how to use those neat icons. My computer expertise pretty much ends pluggin it in! ;D
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