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I am pondering a very similar question between the Kimber 84M and the A-Bolt II rifles. I was in gander mountain the other day and they had both rifles, along with winchester, remington, ruger, tikka, even benelli rifles - very impressive selection. The big plus there was that the rifles were displayed on the wall, where you could take them down and work the actions, shoulder the rifle, etc. The Kimber was very light, but I also noticed the barrel was not centered in the channel, but other than that it appeared to be very nice - $899.00. I also got out the A Bolt - very light, not as light as the Kimber - fit was excellent everywhere, bolt was smooth - $549.00. The salesman was not busy and actually took the time to help me shop - the competition - Cabelas - is 20 miles down the road. He stated flat out that if I spent more than $549.00 on a rifle, it was overkill, since the A Bolts were as good, if not better, than anything else they had to sell. He highly recommended them. He also stated that the Kimbers were excellent as well, but for the money, the Brownings were the way to go. I've been shopping Brownings around my area, and on the internet, but I'll probably go back to that store and make my purchase, since I was treated so well.
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